Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dancing Quinn

Quinn has been taking ballet and tap class since August 2010. Her first recital was on May 7, 2011. Last summer she took a week long dance camp which culminated in a "mini-recital" at the studio where the girls performed one song. During this performance she was shy and didn't dance - just stood in place despite the fact that her teachers described her performance all week as "in it to win it". This time she blew it out of the water with a fabulous performance in two different dances. Even after the recital she still does her dances and watches the video over and over. I think she'll be dancing for a long time!

Getting ready - Wesley needed her hair done too.

Not yet, Dad! I'm not ready yet!

Ready to go!

Although, she was supposed to be in her tap costume first.

I was "backstage mom" so I was able to switch her costume

before showtime.

Tap Routine

"The Farmer and The Cowman" from Oklahoma!

The recital itself was called "Back to Broadway"

and all the numbers were set to songs from Broadway musicals.

Ballet Routine

"So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music

Quinn and Sophie after the show.

Quinn and Caroline
All of the girls were tired, hungry, and cranky

despite their beautiful flowers and shiny new trophies.

Quinn was very adamant before her recital that she didn't want anyone to come watch her. She didn't want Mike or Mom-o there to see her perform. Because we had to be at the auditorium before the audience we fibbed to Quinn and told her that Mike was just dropping us off and that he'd be back later to pick us up. Weeks after the recital when we were watching it on DVD she asked how Mike knew about the performances already and I told her that he had watched them. She disappointedly whined, "I didn't want Daddy to come." Ha!

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