Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011!

This morning we woke to a white blanket of snow on our yard. The past few days have been frigid so the snow at least was something to break up the monotony. It took us about thirty minutes to get dressed and we spent about three minutes outside. Wesley is wearing three sweaters because she refused to wear her very warm coat. As soon as we walked back in the house she asked for her coat to be put on while she ate lunch. Quinn did one snow angel (quicker than I could capture her in the act) and instantly ran to the front door begging to go inside. I suppose we'll have to invest in better winter wear if we ever relocate to a place with true winter.

The girls on the driveway.
You can still see Daddy's tracks from when he left for work about four hours earlier.

Quinn's-quick-as-a-wink snow angel.

The house...

The view of the street

The girls inthe grass...

The dog bowl's been frozen over for days....

The back yard.

Pollock speeding back in the house after a speedy trip outside.
I took one of Boone too but going that fast they looked identical.
Baxter sat by the back door to be let out but immediately changed his mind when I opened the door.