Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! We celebrated by having a few friends over to join us while trick or treating. My apologies that I didn't get a photo of all of our friends.

Princess Aurora and Snow White playing in the front yard.

Wesley sneaking some popcorn before the guests arrive.

Quinn with poses with the roses.

Ezra - making his uncle proud.

Jetty is Batman.

Tessa (aka Wonder Woman) and sweet lil' Lilli who showed off her new ability to walk.

The best costume award goes to Miles Moehle as a robot!
His mom is the coolest and a very creative and talented woman!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

I can always count on the girls to help me blow out the candles. Thank you girls for being such sweeties. We all loved the cookies n' cream ice cream cake!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Like, Happy Birthday, Heather!

This year we celebrated my birthday with a 1980's party at 219 West. It was so much fun!

Mike and Heather

2/5 of the Denman dudes.

Darrell and Tania Tompkins

Angie and Rory Behnke.
A tipsy lady in the restroom asked Angie "Are you from New Jersey?"

Lisa Perry, Jerry Kamppi and Christi Ingram.
Lisa wins for the biggest shoulder pads - totally.

Linnea Falk with her authentic 1980s highschool letterman jacket.

Nate and Michelle Norris

Jaime talking on his briefcase phone.

Patrick and Laura Candelaria

Check out Sandi's fluorescent gloves!

Scott and Natalie McClure.
Natalie had her 80s class ring and one puffy heart earring.

The gang...

Steven Leigh and Kia Holland.
Kia shows of her blue eyeshadow.
It's a well known fact that it is impossible for Kia to have her eyes open in a photo.

Carl Holland with his popped collar.

The Allen party stopped by since they were in the neighborhood.

Belts and butts...

Frank, Heather and Mark

Laura hams it up for the camera.