Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poor Boone!

The past two mornings we noticed a large amount of blood splattered all over our entryway and around the corners of our walls. Turns out it was coming from Boone's tail which he wags profusely. We took him to the vet for them to have a look at the cut on his tail and some potential eye allergies. When the vet told us she was going to "flush" Boone's eyeballs, Quinn became very concerned. She told me that the vet shouldn't flush Boonie's eyeballs down the toilet because he needs them to see. I reassured her they were just washing Boone's eyes and not discarding them. I had to fight to hold back my laughter.

Boone with his wrapped tail and headgear to prevent his removal of the bandage.

Mmmmm Chocolate!

Quinn has recently discovered that she loves "clock-late". See her enjoying some chocolate cake batter below. She would have eaten the whole batch if I had let her.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bouncy Fun

We went to a friend's birthday party at Jumpy Gym. The girls had a blast!

Going down the very large, bouncy slide.

Mommy, Quinn and Wesley in the baby bouncy house

Daddy and the girls

Wesley playing

Quinn playing