Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

After getting home from the beach this afternoon, we all gave Mike his Father's Day gifts including a set of photo mugs of the girls, some "McClure's" pickles and some cool grill accessories from Williams Sonoma. These gifts do not begin to show him our appreciation for what a great dad he is. Thanks, Mike for all you do for our family.
We love you with all our hearts.

Life's A Beach!

We joined our friends, the Johnson's and Sasha's parents, The Horner's for a weekend in Port Aransas this past weekend. This was the girls' first trip to the beach and they were in heaven! Everyone had a great time and we're already ready to go back.

Quinn strides out into the surf.

Wesley's headed back to shore.

She's excited!

And loves watching the tide roll in and out!

Quinn and Ainsley played like crazy. What energy!

Playing in the tide...

She looks so tiny!

Wesley, Daddy and the big Texas sky.

Beach babes turned couch potatoes!

Cool shades.

Breakfast time!

Quinn wearing her "beltseat" on the way to feed the gulls on our last morning at the beach.
(with baby, of course.)

My bunny and her bunny.

Sasha and Ainsley going to feed the gulls.

Here they all come!

Wesley's not a fan of the Flock of Seagulls

They just keep coming back for more.
It's all gone!

The Johnson's

The McClure's
Side note: This weekend Quinn really asserted her independence and would hang out with anyone besides her parents. She really fell in love with Debbie, referring to her as "the pink one" (after her swimsuit) and was attached to her all weekend. I thought this photo totally captured her avoidance of her parents. Ha!

Wesley and Daddy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy 35th Birthday, Mike!

Today is Mike's 35th birthday! We had a great party last Saturday with a lot of friends so we celebrated with our family today. It was a very busy day as we prepared to go to the beach for the weekend. Also, Quinn went to the doctor unexpectedly with a very high fever due to what turned out to be an ear infection. About an hour after the appointment and some medicine, Quinn was back to her normal self (almost) and able to enjoy a dinner at Waterloo Ice House and then cake back home. Happy birthday, Mike. We love you!

Mike requested what I call my "Elvis" - banana cake with a peanut butter buttercream icing.

Quinn helped to blow out the candles while Wesley gets impatient waiting for a taste.

Opening the card from his girls.

Enjoying his gift from Mom-oh.

Opening the gift from our family...

Mmmmm. Coffee!

After Mike unwrapped the gift, Wesley, on her accord,
reached over and put the bow on her head.

Monkey see, monkey do.
Wesley enjoying her cake.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quinn Learns To Use Scissors!

Over the past week Quinn has been practicing using scissors to cut paper. She then moved onto dental floss, which she liked cutting into little pieces. I felt this was a great exercise to develop her fine motor skills. We even discussed how no one cuts her hair but Karen (our stylist). When I came into the room today I discovered that she had taken the scissors to her own hair and cut a substantial amount. I was very calm until she decided that she could continue even with me standing there. That's when I shouted, "No!" She then seemed totally confused and asked why she couldn't keep going. The damage isn't too obvious. She took most of it from around her ears and it can be blended into the longer pieces pretty easily. Hopefully she's learned her lesson.
The scissors and the locks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Michael's Moustache Bash

Mike turns 35 next Thursday so we celebrated by having a Moustache Bash at the Gibson on Saturday night. Everyone got into the spirit and donned some facial hair - ladies and gents alike. It was a great time with great friends.

Mike as Hulk Hogan

The Devil and Mr. Hogan

Mark and Alex Linden

Alex felt her first moustache impeded her ability to eat and drink so she drew a new one.

Victoria Acosta who Mike referred to as "Smooth Criminal" all evening.

Jerry Kamppi - who arrived in his time machine straight from the 70's.

Kyle Pfister, Rosina Ayala and Hulk Hogan
Michael Nestor and Doug Zullo. Michael wins the award for the most authentic facial hair.

Michael and Jerry

Patrick and Sasha Johnson

Chris Peters with his Looseleaf Moustache

Rory and Angie Behnke as Magnum PI and Frida Kahlo

Paige Webb

Patrick and Laura Candelaria as The Godfather and Snidely Whiplash

Marlon Davis as "The Most Interesting Man in the World"

John and Lee Ann Scarnato

Triple Threat

Robbie Castille and Wanda Reguero Robbie wins for the most innovative moustache. He fashioned his from some clippings of a stuffed animal and Gorilla Glue.

Hanna Morgan and friends. Hanna drank whiskey on the rocks since she felt a "girly" drink was highly inappropriate while wearing a moustache.

A motley crew including Linnea Falk and Lisa Perry.

The gang gets a lecture from Lindsay Dalrymple.