Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quinn's Sunflower Project

I decided that it would be a fun project for Quinn to grow some sunflowers as her portion of our garden this year. I started by getting a book called "The Sunflower House" from the library on our last trip. After I read it to her I asked if she would like to grow some sunflowers. We got the seeds and then it snowed... not a good day for planting. Quinn asked every day if we could plant the seeds. I promised her as soon as the snow was gone and it was warmer we would plant them. Today was the day! Let's watch the flowers grow over the next few months!

Quinn and her seed packet

Preparing the soil

Dropping the seeds in the soil

Removing a remnant of last year's bean vines from the lattice

Tiny toes. She kept having to remove her "flip flops" to get dirt out of her shoes.

Seeds in hand

Examining a seed

Daddy accidentally sprays her with the hose as they are preparing to
water the newly planted seeds.
Getting over her recent dousing

Watering the seeds.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day!

This past Tuesday it snowed! And I mean really snowed. All day long. Large flakes, too! The snow even stuck around overnight. And in the shady spots of the backyard the snow lasted for two days. You can tell by my enthusiasm that this does not happen frequently in Austin, Texas. We snapped a few shots of the house, the yard, and Quinn out with our neighbor building a snow man. What a cool day! (pun intended.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Wesley!

Our baby girl, Wesley turned one on February 12th. Since I call her my "bunny" I decided to have a bunny themed party for her complete with a bunny petting zoo. We had quite a good turn out and Wesley seemed to really enjoy herself. It was great to get to spend some time with our friends and family.

Getting ready for our guests to arrive

My bunny

The McClure Clan

Ready for the party to start!

Wesley's "smash" cake which she didn't even touch after Quinn blew her candle out for her

The cakes...

The sweet bunny on top of the cake

The petting zoo

Quinn and Emily holding the bunnies.

Heather and Cocoa, one of the sweetest bunnies ever! Her sister, Marshmallow was the favorite of most of the kids. They all wanted to hold her. Cocoa and Marshmallow were only five weeks old.

Wesley takes a mid-party nap on Mom-oh's shoulder
Happy Birthday, dear Wesley!

Just after the candle was blown out

Mom-oh cuts the cake

Wesley eating her very tasty birthday cake

Quinn was quite helpful in opening all of Wesley's gifts for her.

Wesley playing with balloons leftover from the party

Happy Bunny!

Wesley LOVES her new Elmo (and her Daddy).