Thursday, May 20, 2010

Berry Picking at Sweet Berry Farm

This morning, despite the threat of rain, we made a trip out to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls to pick some blackberries. Once we got there it was overcast and breezy which was actually perfectly comfortable while we worked. We ended up leaving with two pounds of new potatoes and about eight pounds of blackberries. Mike is asking for a cobbler and I'm hoping to make some blackberry preserves so we can remember such a fun day for months to come. I'll be sure to post the results on my food blog.

Quinn wearing her "cow boots" as she picks her first blackberry.

Wesley standing in the middle of the row watching us work.

Heather and Quinn getting down to business.

The girls.

More of the girls.

Wesley hunts for berries.
They give you these sticks to move the very thorny bushes back while you harvest. This is supposed to result in fewer scratches, but this is not very evident by my arms.

Look at this one, Daddy!

Daddy and his girls.

Quinn got stuck in a berry bush.
The thorns are quite treacherous and grabbed onto her hair.
She quickly called for help.

The strawberries were pretty picked over, but we found a few
that were perfect and tasted great!

The sweetest, cutest baby donkey.

The sweetest, cutest baby donkey plays with the sweetest, cutest baby girl.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quinn's First Spa Day

Mike treated my mom, Quinn and me to pedicures and manicures for Mother's Day. Take a peek at Quinn's first spa day.

She picked purple and green nail polishes.

Quinn with all the polishes.


Getting ready. Quinn was observing everything while we waited our turn. She told us she didn't want a man to do her nails and she didn't want to put her feet in the water.

Rolling up her jeans.

She finally allowed us to put her feet in the water after a few minutes of convincing her that it felt nice and she needed to clean her toes.

Trimming the toenails. She held very still at the salon - something she does NOT do at home.


Getting polished.

Again, she was perfectly behaved while her fingernails were trimmed.

And painted.

Very relaxed.


Quinn in her pedi shoes.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Almost the whole gang got together for Mother's Day brunch at Jack Allen's Kitchen. The food and the company were both great!

Wesley and her "Mimi."

Quinn pretending to be shy with her melon.

Mommy and Wesley

The moms at the table.

Almost the whole gang.