Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Dress Rehearsal

Last weekend the girls got festive to go to a friend's party...

Here's Quinn as a lady bug.
Here's Wesley decked out in orange and black.

On Thursday night we went and joined the Falk family at the Hill Country Galleria to practice trick-or-treating for Saturday. Everyone had a blast as we went door to door while the cold front blew in. Brrrr!

Wesley, who I've called "my bunny" since she was born

Quinn trying to re-dress Wesley who cannot stand her ears

Quinn decides at the last moment that she no longer wants to be a ladybug... Here is our impromptu fairy costume complete with tap shoes.

Mermaid Zailey and Bear Zander Falk as we begin our tour of the Hill Country Galleria in search of candy.

Quinn and Wesley get ready to go...

Up close and personal with Zander

The girls after visiting a few stores....

Zander after visiting a few stores...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween's Coming!

This weekend we decorated our front yard for Halloween. Quinn is super excited about getting to go trick or treating for her first time. We've been reading Halloween library books to get her in the mood. She also calls all the witches she sees "queens" after the Queen in Snow White.

Mike stringing the lights

Wesley explores the Halloween Decor Box

Quinn "helps" string the lights

Wesley ponders sitting in the pumpkins

Our scary pumpkin patch

After dark....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Luke and Hanna Say "I Do!"

Friday was a huge day of continued preparations around the ranch, the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Saturday was continued preparations for the Big Event. Here are a few of the many snapshots of the weekend's festivities.

Luke and Oliver horsing around at the rehearsal.

Our fabulous hosts, Hanna's parents - George and Mary Elizabeth Cofer

Mark and Ezra

Quinn helping Mom-oh fill the tiki torches

Happy Mike, Not-so-happy Wesley

Julian and Wesley

Mike helping the groomsmen get ready for the ceremony

The groom and his baby niece

Kay, Wesley and Oliver before the wedding

Quinn and Ezra coming down the aisle

The entrance to Annandale Ranch. In the background is the Model-T getaway car that Luke and Hanna used to join the reception.

The groomsmen headed to the ceremony in The Big Woods


Mike and Wesley

Momma and her boys

Quinn, Hanna, and Josie

Heather and Wesley

Momma putting finishing touches on the cake

Luke and Hanna cutting the cake

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Mike surprised Heather on the Saturday before her birthday with a fabulous surprise party at Max's Wine Dive. The food was great and the company was better!

A few of the fabulous friends

The group sings...

On Heather's actual birthday the following Tuesday, Mike presented us with a great raspberry cheesecake. Quinn sweetly sang "Happy Birthday" bringing tears to her mommy's eyes while Wesley watched. After the girls were soundly asleep Mike made a delicious dinner which we enjoyed in our dining room - a rare treat.