Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Beach!

This past weekend we took the girls and met up with some friends in Port Aransas. We rented the same condo that we were introduced to by the Johnson family last summer. Wish they could have joined in the fun this year!

The girls running to the water as soon as we went to the beach after getting

in on Thursday afternoon.

Mike at the beach

Wesley was absolutely adorable running to and fro with the tide.

Mike and the girls in the water

Wet Wesley

Quinn is excited!

Silly Quinn

The girls in the car headed to the beach. This is the last time over

the weekend the car will not be filled with sand.

Quinn attempts to surf on a kick board and surprisingly did pretty well.

Mommy and Wesley in the shade

Wesley feeding the gulls

Girls building a sandcastle

Quinn swimming

Again and again

Wesley takes a rest

Sand time!

Quinn refused to look at the camera...

Emily getting more tan by the second

Wesley naps on Laura while they sit in the tide.

The gang has dinner at Beaches on Saturday night -

before the full effects of the sunburns set in.

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